Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket

Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket



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Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket

The Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket is developed from top-grade materials and is known for its light weight and balance, as well as being an extremely fast, strong and stable forehand and backhand. The lightweight racket is perfect for players who need a racket with great speed, powerful torque and a long reach but can’t carry a big club. With this product, you will definitely get everything that you are looking for in a badminton racket. The Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket comes with an aluminum/carbon fiber handle that is extremely lightweight and has a tapered rubberized grip, making it comfortable to hold. This racket also features polyurethane strings that are extremely lightweight yet incredibly powerful.


With the Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket, there is no need to be concerned about the clubs you are using, because the shaft of the rackets is completely interchangeable between models. The shafts are made from high-performance graphite and fiberglass. Graphite, of course, offers high stiffness for a smooth, uniform feel between rackets. Fiberglass is used because it is a very durable and strong material that offers high strength and rigidity, while also being extremely flexible.


The Yonex Arcsaber Light 15i Badminton Racket features an open face design, which allows for the rackets to ventilate, which in turn provides better performance. The Yonex Arcsaber Light 15 has removable and replaceable rackets. It also features a nylon wrap finish that helps to keep the racket head from getting dirty. The racket head itself has a fully adjustable head, which allows for different grip styles. It also features a deluxe rubber grip, which is highly responsive. Overall, the rackets are lightweight, durable, and extremely light-weight.

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