SS Ranger English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Ranger English Willow Cricket Bat

Original price was: ₹13,680.00.Current price is: ₹11,000.00.



Willow: English willow

Size: Short Handle

Sarawak cane handle

Scale grip

Concave edges

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Original price was: ₹13,680.00.Current price is: ₹11,000.00.

Availability: 20 in stock

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SS Ranger English Willow Cricket Bat :
SS Ranger Cricket Bat is latest 2017 launched by SS Cricket. LightWeight Bat with an excellent Balance is made of Grade 2 English willow with naturally air dried processing technique. In this English Willow bat player will get 5 to 8 grains based on willow grade.Bat edge thickness is around 40 to 42 mm while bat back profile is full. Bat shape is developed with traditional SS Bat shape design and while its profile is slightly concave which gives light weight bat feel to players. Specially designed Scale Grip for Extra Comfort and Control.
Cricket bat is specially designed for advance level cricket who wants to improve the game skills by modern day cricket bats.
About Bat Handle:
Handle of this English willow cricket bat is made from swark cane with laminated technique. SS used 12 piece canes to manufacture this. Lamination technique and 12 piece configuration helps in better control and flexibility.
Bat Grains Profile and Willow Quality:
It is a Grade 2 SS English Willow Cricket Bat which gives best willow performance and durability. Bat grains will be straight and clear without any strong blemishes on front face of the bat.
About Bat Cover:
This Bat is comes with full body padded cover.
About Bat Care:
While these English willow bats are prepared with high quality standard, but player need to care the bat before and after using it. Proper Oiling is very important of a brand new cricket bat. Oiling should be done with bat oiling (Linseed Oil). Make 2 coat of Bat oiling and keep it for 24 hrs. Keep extra oil on toe and edge of the bat. After oiling knocking is very important. Use wooden mallet to knock the bat. Start with gentle hit at toe and edges of the bat. You can increase the impact of mallet based on wood surface. Knocking process should be done at least 48 hrs.


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