MRF Hunter English Willow Cricket Bat Rating

MRF Hunter English Willow Cricket Bat Rating


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MRF Hunter English Willow Cricket Bat Rating, one of the most popular brands in bat range, has been one of the most sturdily built bat models on The MRF Hunter English hollow cricket bat is the latest bat to make use of graphite as a material instead of metal. Graphite is a lightweight bat that offers high performance and a great flight for the user. The bat is fitted with an MRF ball flight driver and a carrying case. The MRF ball flight driver is a heavy-duty one and comes with a carrying case as well. The bat is designed to offer high performance and is constructed of premium materials.


The MRF Hunter is available with either a heavy or a light weight blade. The weight of the bat depends upon how much of the hollow steel the bat is made from. Each blade has been precisely ground to exacting specifications and the resulting core is combined with premium graphite. The result is a perfect blank outer wall that has a high carbon content.


This allows the blade to be precisely machined, resulting in a fine blank with excellent high carbon steel. The inner cavity of the bat is contoured to accept the hollow steel core and a high carbon finish. The outer shell of the bat is made of leather and a rubber grip. The shaft is extremely long, so it is balanced perfectly when inserted into the barrel.


Each blade is specifically designed for use with the English hollow-points and features an integral riser to add comfort to the user. The inner core of each blade is covered with graphite for optimum gripping on target. It has a full-length grip that allows for exceptional wrist support. The blade has a tapered design that will impact the flight path and can be adjusted to suit the target. Each of the blades is fitted with a removable rubber sleeve that covers the entire blade for maximum grip and stability.


The MRF Hunter is designed to withstand years of use. It is a quality weapon with an excellent design that ensures accuracy. The handle is ergonomically designed with an olefin grip. This provides a natural hand feel and is comfortable for the user.


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