SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat

SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat




Grains : 6-9 Grains | Weight : 1140-1220 gm.

Willow Type : English Willow grade 2 bat

Handle Type : Round, Sarawak Cane, Chevtec Grip

Body Features : Traditionally Shaped and Styled

Comes with a full length padded bat case.

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SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat


Availability: 20 in stock

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About Profile of the Bat:
SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket bat. The bat is traditionally shaped and styled.

This bat is used by legendary Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. So SG maintained same quality in this bat which was used once by Sunil Gavaskar. Developed with Hand Selected premium Grade A English Willow with traditional.

Its sweet spot position is mid to low. The Profile of this SG Cricket bat is full from backside with very little concaving.

Edge profile of bat is around 40 mm. With 40 mm edge and flat face, they can get destructive power on shots.

About Willow of the Bat:
For making this SG bats, SG used from top-of-the-line English Willow. Willow is processed naturally which gives perfect grain structure and results into best in class Light weight English willow.

It is considered as Top grade Premium English Willow Cricket bat and player will get around 6 to 9 straight grains in it. SG used best technique to process willow which provides optimized in the bat which will offer best durability and optimum performance. Sunny Tunny is developed for those who want improvisational cricketing shots.

About Weight of the Bat:
Weight of this bat is 1180-1250 gms. As per khelmart recommendations ideal weight of all-round type of cricket player would be around 1170 to 1180 gms. In this weight range player will get maximum side edge, maximum wood behind the sweet spot and extra power on shots.

Balance of this bat is very good so if you select the bat with weight around 1190 gms, it feel you other 1140gms due to it lightweight pickup.

Its balance, pickup and spine suits the all round type of playing style. Further to improve the overall bat dynamics, SG used unique Bat spine to give light weight bat feel with perfect balance and pickup.

About Handle of the Bat:
Handle is very important part of any bat and it should be stiff and durable enough to sustain the high impact caused by ball hit. Furthermore it should transfer the maximum energy to cricket ball. SG used 12 piece cane handle to develop the bat.

The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.


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