New Balance DC 360 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

New Balance DC 360 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat




New Balance Bat: Qty 1

Willow Type :Kashmir Willow

Cover: Full Size Bat Cover

Edge : Thick Edge

Handle Type: Cane

Availability: 20 in stock

New Balance DC 360 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat


Availability: 20 in stock

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About Profile of the Bat:
The New Balance TC 360 Kashmir willow Cricket Bat is made from fine quality material Kashmir willow which provides you durable performance and stability. New Balance TC 360 Kashmir bat come with imported Sarawak cane handle that will be provides you good pick up and great control.

This bat Edge profile is around 40 mm. With 40 mm edge and flat face, which provide extra power on shots.

New Balance TC 360 Kashmir willow Cricket Bat comes with full length bat cover.

About Willow of the Bat:
For making this New Balance bats, New Balance TC 360 bat is made from Top Grade Kashmir Willow. This bat is processed naturally which gives better grains quality and long lasting durable performance on shots.

It is developed with Top grade premium Kashmir Willow cricket bat . New Balance TC 360 cricket bat contains 3 to 6 straight grains.

About Weight of the Bat:
This is very light weight bat in New Balance brand which provide around 1180 to 1220 gm weight , in this weight players can enhance hitting skills..

About Handle of the Bat:
Handle is most important part of the bat it is more durable enough to sustain the high impact by ball hit. The New Balance TC 360 Kashmir Willow Cricket bat has a short handle. The handle is made from premium, imported Sarawak cane to deliver superior power and control.

About Authenticity of New Balance Bats:
Following are the check which will insure the authenticity of New Balance bats

New Balance English and Kashmir Willow Cricket bats are checked by 2 point Authenticity.

MRP Label and Barcode
New Balance 3D Hologram Check on Back side of the bat
With following checkpoint players can identify the authenticity of the bat.

At, we sell only 100% authentic and genuine cricket bats.


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