Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket

Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket

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Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket

The new Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket promises to be the next greatest selling badminton racket in the world. This new racket is designed for players who are looking for more than a traditional wooden racket to play Badminton. The main features that set this racket apart from its peers is its light weight, high stiffness, smooth action, and great ergonomic design. All these combine to give this badminton racket an edge over its competitors.

The new Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket has an all-round model equipped with a dual optimum system and strong rubber grip. The main advantage of this dual optimum system is that it allows for the quick change of grips while you are moving from one part of the court to another. This is extremely helpful when you are faced with a difficult situation and need to change your grip. With the dual optimum system in place, changing the grip from one side to another is easy. The entire racket is also equipped with Yonex’s Boost Power, which provides extra strength to the backhand side of your shot and helps the ball reach further distances.

The Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket is equipped with dual pivot buttons on the handle that allow the player to switch between the up and down positions for their forehand and backhand shots. The Yonex Boost Power serves as the dominant force in this badminton racket and ensures maximum power for your shot and a reliable follow through. The Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket features a high density graphite handle that has been deliberately made with contoured contours for comfort and durability. For this reason, many players prefer to use the handles of this badminton racket over other backhand or forehand models.

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