Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket

Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket

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Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket


Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket is the favorite tennis accessory for many players, because it gives a customized fit and feels to a player’s forehand and backhand. Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket has designed the frame of the racket head to emulate that of a top professional player’s stroke, giving each player the feeling that he is swinging at a professional. Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket professional player with years of training and practice could hardly notice that the racket is not a Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket product, but if you are a novice player, Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket will definitely notice the difference. Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket this unique frame, every stroke looks and feels as if it was a Wilson product, enabling every player to hit his racket at an optimum force and distance. Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket  company claims that the patented Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) found in the handle of the racket head allows players to use their wrists and forearms in much the same way as a professional player swings.


Wilson Blade 26 TNS Tennis Racket has eight joints in the handle, while a Wilson blade has ten, giving each player the opportunity to use the joint that they need. Players have the flexibility to adjust the Temporomandibular Joints to suit their individual needs. This enables players to swing the racket with more power or control, resulting in a stroke that is more pleasing to the eye. Each player will appreciate the ability to swing with less effort. Some owners prefer a smaller club head to reduce the strain on their backs while playing.


Wilson Blade 26TNS gives players the option to choose between a grip with the face forward and a reverse grip. The reverse grip places the club at the base of the thumb with the face turned towards the net. When you are used to using a heavy grip, this can be a very difficult position to maintain. Another benefit is that it keeps the club from slipping around in your hand when making a shot. Each person’s body is different and so is the way they grip a golf club. The combination of the Temporomandibular Joints, the rubber grip tape and the extra support from the Wilson blade provides maximum comfort and support for all players.

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