Victor Jetspeed 10Q Badminton Racket

Victor Jetspeed 10Q Badminton Racket

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Victor Jetspeed 10Q Badminton Racket

is an updated line by Victor Golf. The badminton racket is made by Victor Golf Company. It is the newest release of their long range products. The badminton racket is basically an all-carbon fiber racket, which has a larger head and more aggressive spin. The design of the racket is such that it makes it easy to hit the ball from any direction.


Victor Jetspeed 10Q Badminton Racket is a ten-piece rackets with a shuttle neck and an aluminum frame. The shuttle neck is made out of high-impact graphite to reduce weight. The entire racket is made of high impact graphite covered with fiberglass for extra strength. This gives the racket an advanced feel and grip. The racket head is made out of fiberglass.


According to the manufacturers, this badminton racket can be used for all ages, from child to adult. The racket has a very comfortable head, large sweet spot, and comfortable rubber grip. The handle is made out of leather. The shaft is made from high carbon fiber and is lightweight, thanks to the aluminum frame. The Victor Jetspeed 10Q Badminton Racket retails for about $150 and is available at most sports goods stores. You can also order this racket online.

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1 review for Victor Jetspeed 10Q Badminton Racket

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