Victor HyperNano X 600 Badminton Racket

Victor HyperNano X 600 Badminton Racket

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Victor HyperNano X 600 Badminton Racket

Victor has been in the badminton racket market for quite some time now and they have been successful in catering all types of requirements. The new models of Victor badminton racket are different from the older models and are specially designed for skilled players only. Victor HyperNano X series of badminton racket suits all levels of playing skills and helps to hone the skills in players. The standard model of Victor badminton rackets comes with carbon fiber outer case, while the tournament models come with gloss black composite case. Both the cases come with carry case, carrying strap, carrying case lock, and carrying case key.


Victor HyperNano X 600 is a racket that is light weighted yet is tough enough to provide you with the maximum power for a long period of time. The frame of this racket is made with a diamond combination hyper-alloy frame that is a combination of two frames which reduces air resistance and gives faster swing for effortless smashes. The graphite of Victor HyperNano X series is used for making the entire body of this racket hollow so that it gives better bounce for a longer time. The shaft of Victor HyperNano X series is specially designed for a heavy hitter, so that it gives more power for your shots. The CSR (Chassis Soft Rock Gold) is utilized for provide extra strength and rigidity to the entire body of the racket so that it becomes a force to reckon with in any game of badminton.


You will certainly find many pros commenting about how their badminton racket was enhanced by using the Victor HyperNano X series. This series of racket comes with a heavy head design for all types of badminton games. You will not be disappointed when you go online and search for these badminton rackets because they are available at some of the best prices online. You will definitely get the chance to play and enjoy with your badminton set while being a verified buyer.

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