Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton Racket

Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton Racket


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Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket looking for the ideal badminton set for a beginner that is both reliable and affordable, the Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton Racket and Bag is a great choice. This badminton equipment from  Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton is a new entry in the market and it comes with a sturdily constructed frame and a powerful Badminton Racket that can give almost twice the power of its predecessor, the Victor Speedmaster Badminton Racket. In fact, this set is one of the most powerful badminton rackets on the market today and it comes with detailed instructions on how to use it.


The construction of the frame of the Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton Racket  is quite impressive. It is made up of high impact polyester webbing that can withstand Light Weight . In addition, it also has reinforced nylon sidewalls and Dura-store polyester yarns that are reinforced with Kevlar. The resulting effect is an unbelievably strong badminton racket that features an air like a sword for supreme accuracy and power. The result is a racket that offers supreme control along with an air like blade for unmatched power and accuracy.


At the same time, the handle of the Victor Speed 990 Badminton Racket is very ergonomically designed. It has an ergonomic rubberized grip that makes it easy to hold. The high-grade graphite shaft material of the racket can handle any aggressive situation, so the user need not be concerned about the effect of wear and tear. This is why the Victor Arrow Speed 990 Badminton Racket and Bag comes highly recommended by many people as one of the best badminton racquets available today.


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