Stanford Triumph Onyx Englsih Willow Cricket Bat

Stanford Triumph Onyx Englsih Willow Cricket Bat


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For many fans of cricket, the best of all time is that of the Stanford Triumph Onyx English Willow Cricket Bat. Stanford Triumph Onyx English Willow Cricket Bat name of the bat alone is enough to let you know that it’s one of the top bats around, but the  Stanford Triumph Onyx Englsih Willow Cricket Bat shaft is what makes this bat so special. Made out of very strong maple wood, the shaft is extremely durable and strong, making it capable of withstanding constant abuse over many years of use. In fact, the strength of the shaft allows the bat to be able to withstand knocks from balls that are thrown at it in practice or games, which is very important when compared to some other cheaper quality bats.


In order to keep the maple shaft in top form, it’s important that regular shafts are purchased for practice and games. It should be noted though that these shafts are not of the same quality as the ones used in professional matches and games. With respect to the quality of the shaft, you will notice that each individual shaft will be made with a little different procedure in order to create the best quality product available. Stanford Triumph Onyx Englsih Willow Cricket Bat  main idea behind the shafts process is to increase the amount of flex that is present, which is necessary when looking for maximum performance and power from an English wicket keeper or batsman.


While the Stanford Triumph Onyx Cricket Bat is known to be an amazing bat for amateur and professional players, it’s important to note that it is also made to ensure maximum quality and stability. To this end, there are numerous professionals who have used the bat and have found it to be excellent, especially with regards to its durability and reliability. For those who are considering purchasing an English wicket keeping or batsman to bat, it’s recommended that you look towards this incredible bat.


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