SS White Edition Red English Willow Cricket Bat

SS White Edition Red English Willow Cricket Bat


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SS White Edition Red English Willow Cricket Bat

SS White Edition is a fine quality bat and the one used by professional players around the world. Its got a Cricket Bat with soft contouring for good grip. The SS White Edition comes with an acrylic top layer and leather-covered wood. Hand Crafted bats are made from a mixture of high-quality raw material and care given while manufacturing. It has been awarded the recognition of the World Series Cricket Bat Association (WSCA) after a great effort by its management.


SS white edition bat is specially designed to meet the requirements of professional players in the field of cricket. Made out of the best raw material in the world it provides a perfect match for professional players. It has been designed by world-renowned cricketers, top officials of major wicket keeping teams and other leading figures in the field of cricket. Hand picked from the willow, this product is made with the most skillful craftsmanship. A short handle with soft contouring is provided for a better grip of Cricket Bat. Designed as per specifications of leading world players.


Handcrafted from premium grade 2 hardwood willow wood of the best quality, SS white edition red willow is durable and long lasting compared to other products. Flat maple wood is used in making of this bat with good grip. It has been awarded with star status certificate by WSCA. The overall appearance of SSW Cricket bat is similar to that of regular wooden bat. In other words, it looks like a regular bat but with better grip. It is made of short grain sunflower oil hardwood for giving extra long lasting finish.



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