Ss Master 1500 English Willow Cricket Bat

Ss Master 1500 English Willow Cricket Bat


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Ss Master 1500 English Willow Cricket Bat

The Ss Master 1500 English Willow Cricket Bat is a durable and well built all-metal frame baseball bat that comes with a one-piece grip. The Ss Master 1500 is a popular choice among serious and beginner cricket players alike. The Ss Master boxing bat features a heavy-duty spring that provides good ball-hitting power and smooth heavy action. Ss Master 1500 English Willow Cricket Bat lightweight aluminum frame is covered in graphite and a hard-wearing rubber grip.


The huge edge of the Ss Master 1500 English willow cricket bat over any other bat is its solid construction. The frame is made up of a heavy-duty steel bar, covered in graphite or fiberglass. Graphite is a good choice because it resists denting and bending which makes the tool durable and able to take punishment from repeated swinging. Another advantage of having a high-quality material is that it is lighter than most aluminum bats and even the lightest carbon fiber models. This is great for amateur players who want to be able to use a bat that can get them out in the field as quickly as possible and do so for a longer amount of time.


In addition to having a durable and well-built frame, the Ss master 1500 English willow cricket bat features a one-piece wooden handle. This is a nice feature because it makes the boat easy to handle and swing without the hassle of extra pieces. For a professional-looking bat, this is just about the perfect combination. It makes the bat easy to store when not in use, while at the same time allowing the player to get the most use out of it. By doing so, they will have more confidence in their swing enabling them to get the latest price on it when compared to other cheaper models.


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