SG KLR ICON Grade 3 English Willow Cricket Bat

SG KLR ICON Grade 3 English Willow Cricket Bat




Grains: 5-6 straight grains

Weight: 1160-1200 gm

Available sizes – SH

Tested for usage against leather ball

Availability: 20 in stock


Availability: 20 in stock

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SG KLR ICON is one of the finest cricket bats made with the finest English Willow, which is naturally air-dried and hard-pressed to increase durability. The traditional shape of the bat helps to play the super strokes. This grade 3 cricket bat has 5-6 straight grains, which deliver quality performance when playing with the leather ball.

SG KLR ICON cricket bat has only 2.11 lbs of weight, so you can ensure that the bat is lightweight and can play extended shots quickly. If you use the cane handle, then you get the traditional round shape cane handle for better gripping and control on the bat.

Naturally Handcrafted The best thing about this SG KLR ICON cricket bat is that each aperture of the bat is assessed and crafted naturally to enhance the quality and performance of the bat. The full-size length of the bat is approximately 85.7 cm which is ideal for the tallest players.

Large Sweet Spot SG KLR ICON cricket bat has a maximum sweet spot, which can play powerful strokes and has special emphasis on the quality stroke play. Along with an extended sweet spot, this bat features a PowerDrive handle made with multiple pieces to enhance the bats strength.

The PowerDrive handle is required to improve the bond between the blade and the handle, which further ensures power and durability.

Bigger Edges This cricket bat features the bigger edge, which minimizes the power loss due to the off-center strokes. Also, the thickness of the edges is around 40 mm that further reduces the power loss. In addition to this, it has a rounded face profile that distributes the power throughout the sweet spot to play striking shots.


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