Prince EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 Tennis Racquet

Prince EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 Tennis Racquet

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Prince EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 Tennis Racquet

When one looks at the Prince EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 Tennis Racquet, one instantly notices the unique color combination that is the exclusive property of Prince. This machine is one of the few racquets in the world that are made exclusively for use with the Acorn brand of balls. The machine comes with a very soft and plush feel to it, which will definitely give you an advantage over all the other racers who will be throwing balls at your body. The machine is pretty hefty at almost 77 pounds, which is pretty heavy for a junior tennis player, but then again, it comes with so many cool features that really make this machine a must-have for any tennis enthusiast who wants to have a quality, authentic tennis experience.


Prince EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 Tennis Racquet of the coolest features of the Prince Exo3 Rebel is the presence of the interactive voice-recognition technology. This basically means that you can program the machine to recite the names of the tennis racers in your ball pack so that you can pick the one you think will be the easiest to beat at the beginning of each game. You also get a display screen that shows the number of strokes you have taken so far, as well as your overall match score. You will also get a video screen that lets you know your exact stats so far, and even shows you a visual demonstration of your performance on the screen, including the speed, the number of bounces, and any spin that were applied on the ball during the actual game.


Prince EXO3 Rebel Lite 98 Tennis Racquet of the other cool features that are included in the Prince Exo3 Rebel are a digital scoreboard that allows you to view your scorecard immediately after you have won a game, as well as being able to see where you stand in terms of the overall leaderboard. The machine is also equipped with a backspin feature that can really affect your strategy when playing tennis. Another cool feature of this machine is the ability to add water to the mix, which increases your bounce rate dramatically. You will not only be able to improve your game by using this tennis machine, but it makes a great gift idea as well. You will definitely be able to tell the difference between using the Exo3 instead of your traditional tennis partner.

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