MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat

MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat




100% Authentic and Genuine MRF Bat | with 3D Sticker and BAR Code for Authenticity Verification with latest manufacturing date bat

Modern shape and style , Grade 1 English Willow (7 to 9 Clear Grains ), Light Pickup and Balance

Thick edges (38 to 41 mm), curved blade , High Spine (60 to 64 mm) , Thick Toe

Weight 1160 to 1220 Gms

This Latest Cricket bat represent the signature Virat kohli playing style. No wonder bat known as MRF Virat kohli Cricket Bat

Bat comes with unique shape and balance which allows player to maneuver the bat easily, we all remembered the six hit by GOAT Virat kohli effortlessly on 150 Km/ hr ball bowled by Haris Rauf

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MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli English Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size


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Details of MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli:

Profile of the bat:
MRF produces this bat with a special kind of technology which has the latest size of the bat but the making of bat is in traditional style. This bat is unique in itself as the making of this bat is totally hand made with latest equipments. Player can perform master blaster performance by using this bat. Sweet spot and the weight is highly maintained for a long and better life.

Weight of the bat:
Weight on this bat is controlled by human efforts which is unique in itself .Its weight differs between 1180gms to 1250gms which is the standard size for a professional cricket bat.

This is the main special feature of this bat as it is designed with the latest technology of f7 massive countered edges. Its edges vary under 38mm to 40mm which is also a standard size of a professional cricket bat.

Willow of the bat:
For making this bat MRF uses the handpicked grade A English willow which is compressed naturally which gives perfect grain structures and results in best in class with light weight English willow, the willow is so good that a batsmen can use it maximum power easily to hit the ball. This is the best willow used for the manufacturing of this bat; players had a better control on this type of willow.

Handle of the bat:
Handle of the bat is very special part as it controls the bat power, so the handle of this bat is designed with 12 piece of swark cane and rubber lamination technology it can absorb the maximum shock produced due to ball hit. This type of handle is best for controlling the bat in all directions.

Grains basically describe the age of the bat, the maximum grains on a bat the maximum life of a bat. The no. of grains you can found on this grade A English willow bat is between 8 to 12. Authenticity of MRF bats:

Authenticating of this bat can be of two types, with the help of them player can identify real or fake. A- A hologram mark of MRP Company pasted in the middle of the bat, with information like price written, bar code no. and other manufacturing details. B- A 3d hologram on the shoulder of the bat, it is unique in nature as you can see the company name in all directions.


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