Cosco Tennis Rackets Radar Tour

Cosco Tennis Rackets Radar Tour

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Cosco Tennis Rackets Radar Tour

The Cosco Tennis Rackets Radar Tour is one of the most popular tourneys of all time. For those that have never been to a tennis tournament, this is a tour that allows you to become intimately familiar with what it is like to play tennis in an entirely different environment. Not only does the tour allow you to become accustomed to the tennis equipment and court conditions (which are usually different than on a normal tennis court), but it also gives you the opportunity to meet some of the players that you would normally only see on television.


The tournament is held at the Miten International Tennis Center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For those of you that do not know, this is the very same court that was used in the 1998 Wimbledon Championship. There are five main servers for this tournament, and there is usually a break between them that is about ten minutes long. The actual game is played on an indoor court, which is a first for any professional tennis player, but it is also the same court that was used in the previous Australian Open as well. The other interesting part about the court is that it is almost circular, which helps provide stability for the players as they try and hit the ball along the perimeter of the court.


Each player is provided with tennis equipment that corresponds to their rank. This is so players will be able to find out where they stand and how they are doing against the other players in their group. If you happen to win a match, then you will receive a trophy that is the same size as the court. There are some pros and cons to playing on this court that you should study before committing to it. The other important thing is that it is a real court, unlike some of the fake courts that you might find in your local sports store like khelsale .

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