Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle

Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle

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Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle

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Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle

Enhance your vision in water during your daily swimming session or compete with other swimmers by wearing these Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggles.

Twin Color Strap

The double straps of these goggles help you fasten it in a more secure manner around your head.

Polycarbonate Lens Material

The lenses of these goggles are made of polycarbonate, which makes them scratch-resistant for increased durability.


To ensure that your vision is not troubled by fogging lens when you are inside the water, these goggles’ lenses are made of anti-fog material.

UV Protection

These goggles keep your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays while you practice your backstrokes or perfect your leg movement in the water.

1 review for Cosco Aqua Dash Swimming Goggle

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