Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket

Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket

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Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket

Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket is the ultimate badminton racket. It gives the best performance that you expect out of a badminton racket. With this badminton racket, you can expect to crush your opponents with best of your strokes and muscles. The lightweight design of this badminton racket can help you perform even when you are tired and low on energy.


The Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket has a powerful Isometric shoulder high impact absorption system that helps to deliver maximum power behind every stroke. Using dual Carbon springs, Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket delivers maximum power and maximum distance with the dual shaft flex. These rackets have a comfort fit on the grip so you can easily execute a strong shot without much effort. With Yonex NanoRay 10F Badminton Racket, hit crisp and powerful shots while enjoying maximum comfort. This badminton racket offers vibration dampening and a snugly fit for your little finger.


The total weight of this badminton rackets is just 4.5kg and it is almost half the weight of its competitor brands like Wilson, Kettler, Nette, etc. This heavy duty badminton rackets are made up of high quality fiberglass yarn that is extremely durable and light in weight. The overall length of this racket is 140 cm and it offers high levels of torque, which helps in executing powerful shots. With an amazing head light and trigger control, the speed of this racket is increased and this in turn enables the player to increase the velocity of his strokes. One must keep in mind that all the leading badminton brands use this high performance racket as their standard.

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