Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket

Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket

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Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket

Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket is one of the most commonly used badminton rackets in the market today. It is available in a number of attractive colors. This racket comes with a polished aluminum rack and is quite light weight. The Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket comes with a Yonex Proframe case that is quite durable. The rackets are designed with a number of features that help in absorbing the impact with the racket heads and preventing fatigue from happening to the players. It is also equipped with a foldable plate that has been designed with optimum strength and is highly shock resistant.

Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket has several major advantages over all other racket brands like Netgear, Wilson, Hsens and so forth: – It is made from high quality graphite – Has a higher grip size than any other racket in its category – Has larger sweet spot size with more compression – Has larger center and cross sections – Has a higher maximum weight than any other model in its class – Has a smooth playing surface and heavy-duty rubber grip on the handle – It has a built-in self-correcting capability – It is very fast in playing and can reach the highest possible speeds – The shaft is lightweight and has good distance control ability – It is the heaviest of all the racquets in this category.

There is one major disadvantage of the Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket which could be termed as an isometric swing. In this case, the turning strength of the head shape remains same during the backswing but decreases during the downswing due to the shortening of the shaft. This phenomenon is called as isometric shaft flex or “reverse engineering”. The shaft is actually flexed at its centerline during the backswing but does not change its direction of movement during the downswing. The best way to address this problem is to use a graphite shaft of the same length as the graphite head.

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