Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

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Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket

Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket is a new and stylish black and yellow hard rubber racket made by Wilson. While it’s not quite able to be classified as the greatest Wilson tennis racket available, it’s certainly true that its production materials are far more than adequate and perfectly fill its intended purpose. That being said, there are so many things you should consider before deciding to shell out some serious cash on this racket, and I’m going to list the top three things below. This article will also serve as a quick reference guide for any potential buyers who might be interested in this product. So without further adieu, let’s get started!


Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket – The exterior casing of this particular racket fits tightly into the handle, which means that this thing isn’t going to easily budge from your hand no matter how much you try to push it. So for this reason alone, I would call it a “fair” racket, but keep in mind that a high quality rubber like Wilson can definitely be called a “flimsy” racket, especially if you don’t have proper form when using it. As a side note, the extra rubber around the handle does a fair amount of dampening to make sure that the racket doesn’t “grab” when you’re swinging. A fair assessment, but you should always consider grip quality before judging the material of the racket itself.


Looks & Feel – It looks pretty slick as a whole. It has a rather futuristic design to it, with the addition of a circle-shaped “wing” attached at the top of the racket head. I don’t know if it’s meant to attract women or entice you to buy it, but it definitely does its job well. My personal preference comes from the way it feels when you play with it. The racket feels substantial, and while there isn’t any additional weight, the feel of the club is still really nice.

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