Wilson Advantage Xl Tennis Racquet

Wilson Advantage Xl Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Advantage XL Rackets is lightweight racquets made by Wilson. They were introduced in the market around the same time that Wilson T1 and T2 racquets were released. This brand of tennis racquet features v-matrix technology, which is a high tech way of producing a larger sweet spot on your tennis racquet. The sweet spot, or sweetspot, is the portion of the racquet that hits the ground before returning to the racquet head. This larger sweet spot improves your hitting power, which helps you to be able to hit harder and farther with a better swing.


WILSON ADVANTAGE XL TENNIS RACQUET other differences between this model and others are the head size and the material used in the racquet making process. The head size on this model is slightly larger than the heads offered by Wilson advantage xl tennis racquets. The larger sweet spot allows the ball to travel further and straighter with a better follow through. The extra large head size also helps to impart more power to the swing, which is something all serious players strive for.


The construction of this particular product is what sets it apart from the rest of the line of Wilson tennis racquets. It features a heavy waxed cotton top with graphite stiff core for extra strength and grip. Its “raw” textile lining absorbs the impact of the impact without being absorbed by the fabric, which is great for players who do not want their racquet to pull or tear during a game. This particular model of Wilson advantage xl tennis racket also has a head size that is one inch larger than most of the models available.

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