Victor Quadtec Slim Badminton Racket

Victor Quadtec Slim Badminton Racket

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Victor Quadtec Slim Badminton Racket

The Victor Quadtec Slim Badminton is one of the models of badminton equipment manufactured by the American company called Ricoh. In 1980, the Racke brothers founded the company and began producing badminton racquets. Ricoh began selling their products through a mail-order catalog. The first badminton equipment purchased from Ricoh through mail-order was a set of eight rackets. When the line of racquets from Ricoh hit the sporting goods market, it was instantly popular, and the word quickly spread throughout the country.


As the popularity of the product increased, more people became interested in using racquets, and the company was able to expand into other areas. They were able to successfully compete in the international markets by selling their badminton equipment. When competing against other companies, the company had several different types of racquets to offer to suit the needs of each particular event. For example, the Slim Badminton has a very light frame that is made from aluminum. They also offer a graphite body for the racquet. They also have other products such as shuttlecocks and a net, which are sold under their own brand names.


One of the most popular features of the Victor Quadtec Slim Badminton is their interchangeable racquets. This enables the user to purchase a racquet that they prefer, whether it be a Light Medium or Heavy weight racquet. The user can also purchase an extra grip and net combo to add to their arsenal of badminton equipment. Another helpful feature of this product is that the user is able to purchase a carrying case so that they will be able to transport their badminton equipment easily between venues. The product also comes with a two year warranty. A new Badminton Bag is included in the purchase price when purchasing this accessory.

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