SS Maximus English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Maximus English Willow Cricket Bat

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The SS Maximus English Willow Cricket Bat is a really nice bat, for a lot of reasons. For one, the shaft is very nice and lengthwise it is pretty close to the regulation size of a Cricket Bat (which is good). This is a big deal because Cricket Bat players are used to having to hold their bats in their hands a certain way which not only causes discomfort but makes them uncomfortable for a long period of time. The SS Maximus has a shaft that opens up much more and is designed for the “average” player to swing and hit with much less stress on the wrists and Cricket Bat. This is a great thing for anyone who just starting out or anyone who has had an injury and is now starting out the swing process all over again.


SS Maximus wools batting Cricket Bat is also something that is pretty cool. There are a lot of different ones that you can get but this one is especially nice because it comes with a face protector that fits inside the mouth so there’s no worry about catching anything in your teeth (I’m talking about the saliva that is formed when you swing.) It’s a pretty cool feature that helps protect your head from getting hurt while you take a swing. It’s something that you will appreciate as you go through your swing and begin to realize how important it is to have a Cricket Bat on.


The SS Maximus English wool batting Cricket Bat is one of the most popular of all of them. It comes with two interchangeable visors which really help take the heat away from your face so you don’t end up as cold as you probably would’ve been otherwise. It’s a very comfortable Cricket Bat, especially compared to some others on the market that just really cut off your nasal passages and make it hard to Cricket Bat. That being said, there are plenty of other ones that are better quality so it’s really just a matter of preference and what you think is more important.

1 review for SS Maximus English Willow Cricket Bat

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