Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

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Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

The Head Ti S6 US tennis racket is a high performance, top-of-the-line tour-grade rubber product that has won more Tours de France, more majors, more tournaments, and more trophy than any other product in golf tour history. Head Tour Golf offers an array of tour-quality products including irons, wedges, putters, shoes, and golf bags. All of Head’s products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers defect-free performance under normal usage for one year from the date of purchase. If your Ti starts to act up or if you notice any sudden wear or tear, please refer to our replacement policy in the event of a defective product.


The Head titanium head taping for the US tennis racquet is made by Leoch. This material provides superior performance and is extremely wear resistant, even under heavy use and consistent playing conditions. The head taping is fully sealed to keep moisture out and will not rub off the genuine product leather strap.


The Head iMentor Tour Gold White is a new dual action head with headgear that allows the player to rotate their shoulders in a back and forth motion to hit the ball. This dual action feature helps players hit the ball with the spin they want, instead of what their body type or physical condition may tell them to do. This authentic tennis headgear is also a very comfortable accessory for the user. The head is covered in genuine leather and is supported by a full suspension system.

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1 review for Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

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